School And Children's Programs


What To Expect...

When I come to your school or program I have a thirty minute standard presentation prepared that can be tailored to your requirements. Class size can be split into multiple half hour sessions depending on your need. I am a part time teacher, have substitute taught most subjects K-12 and am perfectly comfortable in most class settings.

I introduce myself, find out a little about the kids and any pets they may have, always ending, of course, with CATS! I ask leading questions about parents, rules and whether they like being asked to do things they don't find fun. I introduce talking with friends about problems they may be facing or behavior that is harmful in a kind way without shaming. I ask about selfishness and what it means to them and others.

I then read the book and get initial responses about the story and what they liked and what stuck with them, then circle back to many of the questions that I led with to seal those connections. 

I teach them a brand new song called Pippin Woudn't Take A Bath and have them sing it with me if they are inclined. Some classes want to sing it multiple times!

I then end with an open Q&A where children can ask anything about the book, my original cat Pippin, the writing process, my career as a musician and song writer or anything else they want to know. This normally fills the initial presentation time.

If teachers want to dove-tail with creative writing, I am developing a short lesson plan where we talk about the form of a story and I actually have the children  create their own elements and write their own short story on the spot!

I can also talk about literacy and some of the fun and interesting things used in the creation of the book they might not have picked up on. You can find out more about that on the Emergent Literacy page.

Thanks and  I look forward to reading to your school or group!